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Before retiring from the Microbiology & Immunology Department I accepted a commission to compile an online version of the social archives as part of the history of Microbiology, University of Otago. The concept seemed simple -- assemble archival material into a time-frame and the events and people would tell the story of the Department. While this may be relatively easy for a former staff member or student, those unfamiliar with the Department would not know where to look or which path to follow -- a guidebook was necessary. A limited print version of the guidebook was printed and the archives were placed online (see the Microbiology Archive page).


Not being trained as a historian, it was  unavoidable that the presentation of the events and the 'facts' would became viewed through the eyes of someone that participated in many of the events and held a certain world-view. In the end the history of Microbiology became part of my story.