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I recently completed an edX course from Curtin University, Western Australia on digital marketing entitled: Digital Branding and Engagement. I must confess that when I enrolled I had a low expectation for the course. I expected it to be Marketing 101. I didn't understand the  power and pervasiveness of digital branding. Yes, we all know how important the digital world has become but perhaps not how it is being used to capture the hearts and minds of vulnerable people for commercial purposes.

The Curtin University edX course on Digital Branding and Engagement consisted of four modules. The first module was on; The Digital Consumer -- which explored the role of social media in consumer participation and engagement -- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

The second module examined Content Marketing -- creating content value and distributing it to target audiences. Content marketing is not new and the video below gives a brief history of it into the digital age.

Then there has to be that classic video clip by Steve Jobs explaining the "Think Different" marketing.


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